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Train travel in Europe

For train travel website thetrainline.com, I wrote all types of travel content, from trip reviews to detailed train station guides. A few of my favourites:

Britain’s most picturesque steam train in 3D

Writing it was easy, producing it was not: I spent 24 hours in North Yorkshire and supervised a team of 3D photographers while chatting with this steam train’s staff to gather information for my article. Written by me, edited by a dear colleague. Find out more: thetrainline.com/via/europe/uk/england/north-yorkshire-moors-railway

A day trip to Margate

To research this piece, I hopped on a train to Margate and snapped pictures from the train window, scribbled down my first impressions and strolled along the beach – in the rain. Read it here: thetrainline.com/train-times/london-to-margate

The complete guide to travelling from the UK to Europe by train 

A guide for all those wanting to cross the pond by train rather than hopping on a flight. thetrainline.com/trains/europe/trains-to-europe


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