Pottery tips


As a beginner potter, I’m often searching for resources to learn from, but they’re scattered all across the internet (and the library) and there’s a lot of not-so-good stuff to weed through, too. 

Whenever I learn something new and useful, I’ll add it to this page for reference and to help new beginners out. Feel free to get in touch if you’ve got tips to share! 


The first and hardest thing I learned (and am still learning). Throwing clay is the process of using a pottery wheel to form your clay into your desired shape. 

Centering clay

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Tools you need for throwing

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How to throw a cylinder

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Aka trimming, aka shaping your clay object. Whether it’s a bowl, mug or vase, you can only really give the clay a rough shape while it’s wet. After it dries for a little while, it’s hard enough to turn it upside down and start shaving away excess clay to refine the shape of your vessel. 

The basics of trimming clay

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Tools you need for turning

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Recycling clay trimmings

Nibh tellus molestie nunc non blandit.


The last and probably most terrifying part of making ceramics. You never really know what you’ll get (or at least I don’t) as the glaze in its liquid form looks very different from when it has been fired. Who knows what chemical processes happen when your bowl gets blasted with 1200 degree flames in the kiln, but the anticipation of waiting for it to come out after a firing is real. If you’re lucky, it’s exactly what you expected – or better! 

The basics of glazing

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Glazing mugs the easy way

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Glazing mistakes to avoid

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