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My first pottery show

I recently participated in a show & pottery sale at my studio. It was terrifying and very successful! This was the first time anyone outside of my family and friends saw my pottery, and the first ever “exposure” for my pots. The communal studio I work at puts on a bi-annual show and members are encouraged to take part, so I thought why not and signed up. 

It was so great to see everyone’s work and the different things you can make with clay. I’ve seen everything from functional plant pots and mugs to odd sculptures like a large brown egg type thing with legs. 

In the weeks leading up to the show, I spent lots of time in the studio panicking about not having enough things to sell and making so much that I’m now sitting on a large number of oddly shaped bowls. Oh well, I’ll keep them for next time!

That being said, I also sold a substantial amount of things which I’m so happy about – I didn’t expect to sell anything at all so when I got an email from the studio manager about how much I sold I was really surprised – and excited! Now at least half of the sales are due to some very supportive lovely friends and family, but there were a few sales to strangers too. I guess that means someone actually likes my pots, which is a weird and wonderful feeling. There’s going to be another show & sale around Christmas time in Peckham, and I’m excited to see how much I’ll improve by then and hopefully have lots of wintery-christmassy designs to sell. 

handmade ceramics from Peckham London

My shelf at the show (it’s usually full of half-finished work and dust)

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